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Our Sunday School gives children the opportunity to learn the great stories and characters of the Bible in a loving and supportive environment.  It is through these stories and characters that God reveals Himself to us.  People like Jesus, Moses, King David, Peter, Paul, Barnabas, etc. lived lives that we can learn from.  Stories like The Exodus, The Passover, The Calling of the Disciples, Pentecost, etc. teach about God’s unconditional love and how He is present in our day to day lives.  Sunday School is a critical part of our Christian and spiritual nurture.

  • Sunday School is open to all children ages 4 through 14.
  • Sunday School classes are held at the church, 9:15 am, each Sunday of the year.
  • Breakfast is served to all Sunday School students.
  • No advanced registration is required.

Sunday School teachers are church members who love children and love our Lord.  Their genuine love and heartfelt faith is a significant part of the learning process.  God’s love is clearly present in their lives and their joy comes from sharing that love with the students.  The Sunday School experience we have to offer insures a significant church and faith life for the rest of our years!


Give your child the great gift possible!  Give then Sunday School!

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“My church has been a Godsend in my recovery. It has helped me re-establish my relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.”
Audrick P.

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