Pastor Earnie Larsen

Earnie Larsen And Wife

Earnie Larsen is a nationally known author and lecturer and a pioneer in the field of recovery.  He has authored and produced 63 motivational and self help books.  His most outstanding work is found in the creation of the Stage II Recovery process.  He has a MRE degree in Theology and Education, a degree in Counseling and accreditation in Chemical Dependency and Family Counseling.  Earnie has been in recovery for over 40 years, and a counselor for over 30 years.  He has spoken to sellout crowds all over the world.  Earnie has been heard on hundreds of radio stations and appeared on TV shows such as Oprah Winfrey, CNN and the Sally Jesse Raphael Show.


Earnie was also one of the moving forces in the founding of First Community Recovery Church and we are thrilled to have him serve as one of our Ministers.  Earnie worships with us almost every Sunday, participates in much of the church programming, and has been more than willing to preach when called upon.  His love, friendship and enthusiasm for life and recovery are blessings to all of us, and his compassion for the addict and alcoholic who still suffer continually reminds us of what our mission is.  Earnie is a blessing in every way possible and we give thanks to God for all he means to us!

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