Pastor Johnny Hunter

Pastor hunter

Pastor Hunter has been in recovery since 1992, an ordained Baptist minister since 2000, and is the servant God has used to establish First Community Recovery Church since its inception in March 2007.  He is a lifelong resident of North Minneapolis, a 1976 graduate of Minneapolis North High School, and a chemical dependency counselor at the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center, in downtown Minneapolis.  He has studied at Anoka Ramsey Junior College, Indiana Bible College, and North Central University. 


As good as these facts are, they don’t begin to capture who Pastor Hunter is and what he is all about.  The only way to do that is to actually be in his presence to hear his infectious laugh, enjoy his rich sense of humor, see his faith in action, and experience firsthand the way he is able to make you feel important and truly believe in yourself. 


The ordained ministry can be a delicate balancing act.  On one hand, a minister is an ordinary human being.  On the other hand, as a man of God, people have certain expectations.  Pastor Hunter doesn’t have to balance  -  he is on solid ground with every aspect of his life.  He is respected and sought out for wisdom and counsel by people in every walk and position of life.  Many would say that he is a “great man.”  He would be the first to disagree, and would tell that he is not a “great man”, rather he is a man who has a “great God.”  And the beauty of Pastor Hunter is that he allows that “great God” to shine throughout his life and easily shares with others the joy and meaning he has found in Jesus Christ.  We are blessed to have as our spiritual leader a man who truly has “the heart of a pastor.”


But Pastor Hunter was not always a pastor.  In the mid 1970’s he was an All City guard on the North High School basketball team.  He led North to the 1976 State High School Basketball Tournament, where they lost to Kevin McHale’s Hibbing team.  It was also the first year the Minnesota State High School League sponsored a State All Star game, and Pastor Hunter was selected to play.  Drugs and alcohol began to play a large role in his life after high school and he spent more and more time on the streets.  He would be the first to say that things were out of control and life was coming unglued.  Then in 1992, after several days on a crack binge, he saw the vision of an angel that made an enormous impression on him.  He immediately left the crack house and never used drugs or alcohol again.  After 2 months of sobriety he decided to go to church with his family and sat in the back pew.  He attended True Vine Missionary Baptist Church every Sunday from that day on, and each month he would move forward one pew.  After a while Pastor Hunter asked if he could strip and wax the floors and everyone was glad to have him do it.  It wasn’t long before he was cleaning the entire church as service work.  Shortly thereafter he was a Deacon and then became a Minister at True Vine. 


As a Pied Piper to kids, Pastor Hunter been an enormous blessing to the youth of North Minneapolis.  He is continually striving to provide them with healthy alternatives for a rich and purposeful life.  “Fathers Stepping for Dads” and “Midnight Basketball” are just two of the gifts he has provided for the young people of North Minneapolis.


Today, First Community Recovery Church is fortunate to be the beneficiary of his profound faith, charismatic personality and exceptional pastoral skills.

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