Homeless Feeding the Homeless


This is a ministry that is near and dear to the heart of First Community Recovery Church for two reasons.  First of all, Jesus clearly instructs us to feed the hungry.  But secondly, many of us at the church have been homeless, hopeless and hungry as a consequence of our addiction and we have never forgotten what that was like.  For these reasons we take this ministry very seriously!

  • Everyone is encouraged to participate!
  • Homeless Feeding the Homeless occurs every 3 months, on a Sunday afternoon, as announced.
  • Sack lunches are prepared at the church the day before.
  • We go out from the church, in groups, distributing the lunches to people we meet on the street.
Homeless Feeding the Homeless is about food and much more.  As we meet people and offer them our gift we also endeavor to hear their story, share our own testimonies, invite them to church, pray with them, or even direct them to a social service agency that might change their life.  12th Step opportunities, Christian service and evangelism are what this ministry is all about.  We all need to be a part of this ministry in some form!

“I keep coming back to First Community Recovery Church because it exudes an atmosphere of welcome. I have never left here without feeling as though my soul and spirit have been fed.”
Martese C.

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