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What is a church without a choir?  And First Community Recovery Church has one of the best!  Sunday after Sunday God uses our choir to lift us to new heights of worship and praise!  They are the heartbeat of Sunday morning!  We have yet to see anyone who didn’t sense the presence of God’s Holy Spirit when our choir sings!  Their enthusiasm and joy are contagious!


  • Rehearsals are held each Saturday, 5:00 pm, at the church.
  • Choir sings every Sunday morning, at our 10:00 am worship, and at other churches and gatherings as invited.
  • Love, faith and fellowship are the heart of our choir.
  • ALL AGES are welcomed and encouraged to participate.


Participation in the choir is based strictly on DESIRE, and has NOTHING to do with musical skill or experience!

Take your worship and praise to a new level and join the choir!!

“I keep coming back to First Community Recovery Church because it exudes an atmosphere of welcome. I have never left here without feeling as though my soul and spirit have been fed.”
Martese C.

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