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The Bible is our norm and guide for faith and life!  It is the ultimate book of recovery!  Knowledge of the Bible and the application of its message and teachings are essential parts of the “abundant life” that Jesus promises.  Daily Bible reading immerses us in God’s love and allows Him to reveal His plan for our lives.  The opportunity to gather with other Christians on a weekly basis to share our insights and stories with each other is one of God’s greatest blessings!



  • Open to EVERYONE ages 15 and over, who wants to learn and share.
  • Knowledge of the Bible is NOT REQUIRED!
  • We meet every Tuesday evening, from 7:00 to 8:30 PM, at the church.
  • Emphasis is on using the Bible as a tool and guide to our recovery.
  • The format is dialogue and group discussion.
  • Fun, fellowship, laughter and support are always a part of the evening.
  • Each session begins and ends with a time of prayer.

We have noticed that once a person comes to Bible Study and Prayer Group they keep coming back!  Nothing could give greater testimony to our Tuesday night fellowship!  So, stop by and get your share of the love, joy and knowledge!  We would be thrilled to welcome you!!

“ I come to First Community Recovery Church because of the way we all love each other. We are all helping each other grow in our relationship with Christ.”
Mother Yates.

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