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First Community Recovery Church gathered for the first time on Sunday morning, March 6, 2007, with 23 worshipers. For several years prior to this Pastor Johnny Hunter, Sr. had sensed a calling from God to reach out and minister to people suffering from addiction. Through his own experience as an addict he knew personally the pain, hopelessness, and shame that come with the disease. His 15 years in recovery had shown him the power and grace of Jesus Christ to change lives, transform thinking, give hope to the hopeless and free addicts and alcoholics from their bondage.

Fellowship of his love

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First Communtiy Recovery church offers alot of fellowship opportunities including Youth Summer camp will give your kids a chance to grow in Gods faith and meet other children with the same passion for the Lords word. Homless feeding the Homeless is a chance for our members to give back to the people in need. Come join Us and Celebrate Gods love and compassion.

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Outreach to his people

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It is the goal of First Community Recovery Church to serve the Twin Cities, carry the message of recovery through the power of Jesus Christ, and impact and change our community in a positive way.


Please go HERE for more information on our Outreach program and how you can get involved


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Praise And Feloowship times

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